Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Proposal to Present

Since attending my first NAEA conference back in 2011 I decided it was important to me to be involved with both the NAEA and my state's association the FAEA. To me one way to be involved is to give a presentation. That involves writing a proposal. I have been very fortunate as all of my proposals have been accepted. I presented at NAEA in San Diego. I was part of a Carousel of Bloggers with Nancy Walkup in New Orleans and I've presented in Florida a few times.
At the FAEA Elementary Division meeting, during conference last year, members wanted to know how to put together a proposal. I thought it would make for an excellent session. One in which I would like to be able to do, however I really don't know what is expected...... Sooooo when Jennifer Dahl, the NAEA Elementary Division leader asked for session reviewers for the upcoming Seattle Conference I decided that would be a perfect opportunity for me to learn and later be able to share.

I participated in an online training session given by Kathy Duse, Executive Services and Convention Manager and Dennis Inhulsen, Chief Learning Officer.

Turns out there were 1756 session proposals submitted for Seattle which is actually up from the last time the conference was held there. There were 180 people who volunteered to blindly review and score the proposals. Each proposed session is reviewed and scored by 3 different people.

This year a new proposal form was implemented to streamline the process. I also learned that while a session may get high scores from all 3 reviewers, there may not always be room in the schedule for it. My take on that is if you submitted a proposal and it was not accepted, try not to take it personally. And by all means try again!

You can see from the photos that there are 4 different categories that are scored and I will tell you from having read through the batch I was given it was easiest to read the ones that actually started their paragraph with Statement and Outcome........., Organization of Content......., Relevance of Topic......., and Impact on Practice...........

As I mentioned earlier in the post there are things that have changed or are new to the process this year. If you are considering submitting a proposal you might want to check out the guidelines here.

I shutter to think of what this process was like before e-mail and online portals. Our Association works hard for us and for that I am very grateful!

And as a side note, I will be presenting in Florida at the FAEA conference. I have 2 presentations.
One is a workshop titled: Start with a Story, how to use literature in the art room. The other one will be a Art Forum titled: Grant-tastic, you will find out how I managed to get thousands of grant dollars for my art program over the past 11 years. 

I'm curious as to grants you have received over the years, I would like to include that info in my presentation!

Thanks for Reading!

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