Friday, July 14, 2017

Interplanet Janet, a Summer Project

Totally have this song stuck in my head from Schoolhouse Rock about Interplanet Janet who is a galaxy girl. Click here for a you tube video of the song, caution as it might get stuck in your head too.

The reason this song is stuck in my head is because I was asked to create a doll of Interplanet Janet for a production of the musical to be performed at my local community theater. The president, aka my dear friend Kathy, who is an awesome person, asked me if I would paint this picture on some white fabric for her to make a doll.

As I thought about this I decided painting it would make it stiff and hard to sew. Meanwhile I sketched it out on a large sheet of paper that had been used as package stuffing. (Yes, I save weird stuff.)

Also, decided it should be made on unbleached muslin and instead of painting it I could baste down Smart Fab for color. (Yes, I totally took over the project.) I traced my pattern onto the fabric, (fabric was a double layer to have and front and a back) then I drew another line around, about 1/2" away to create seam allowance for sewing it together.

Then I used different parts of the pattern to make the pieces for the hair and body parts out the Smart Fab. With the Smart Fab you don't need to worry about frayed edges, kind of like felt but thinner.

I used a Sharpie for the eyes, nose, smile and some lines on the bottom shape.
After I pinned it right sides together, I realized I had no idea where exactly I should be sewing it. Yes, I had added seam allowance, but I wanted to make sure I was sewing it in the right place. So I just traced the pattern again so I would know where to sew it.

To add the flames at the bottom I sewed them first to a strip of Smart Fab so they would all stay together and be easier to sew.

Next it was time to turn it right side out and stuff it!

I had planned to stuff it through the bottom but the neck area was just too tight. I had not basted the hair down on the back of the doll so that the performer could put her hand under the hair to hold it up. So I went under the hair and slit a hole to stuff the doll through the top. Now I had 2 areas in which to stuff it from.

Because I didn't want the head to flop over and the neck is so thin I cut a toilet paper roll and placed it inside the the neck area. The roll was tightened up first and able to expand inside the doll.

When it was finished I couldn't wait to drop it off at the theater. And as luck would have it, it was perfect timing, as the troupe would be doing that song next! I was invited to stay and watch! And what a fabulous performance! And the young lady holding the doll did the number on ROLLER SKATES!

And that is how the song got stuck in my head!

Can't wait to attend the performance next month with my husband & grandsons.

Thanks for Reading!

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