Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If Picasso Went on Vacation

 We have established that I am an elementary art teacher.  I really haven't done much in regard to making my own art. I've done crafts, lots of sewing and special requests. But, I'm NOT getting any younger ........ so I have recently decided to put my art out there in the universe.

Last summer on the Art Teacher Facebook page an art teacher, E. J. Gibbons put out a notice that he needed some more art for his 4th book in the "If Picasso" series.  This latest one titled If Picasso Went on Vacation. Since it was the summer and I was (and still am) recovering from back surgery, I decided to give it a try.
We decided I should focus on emulating George Braque and what he would see if went to Zambia to visit Victoria Falls. So I researched his work to get a feel for his style and sense of color.

 Researched images and videos of Victoria Falls. Did lots of thumbnail sketches. Which ironically, my son who decided to return to school to study art, asked me about. Guess he was checking with me, as to whether people really do that. Well I DID!

I went as far as printing out two separate photographs, cutting them apart and putting them back together all mixed up.  Because my understanding of cubism, which was developed by both Pablo Picasso and George Braque, is that the artist views his subject from a variety of angles and includes them all.

 Then I played around a bit to decide if I could actually do this.

I enlarged one of my sketches, transferred it to canvas.

 And started to paint.........
 And paint.........
 When it was completely finished I needed to turn my photo into 300dpi's. I called my son, the art student and thankfully he has Photoshop and was able to convert it for me.  Converting it created better resolution for being printed in the book.

In early November E. J. sent out a proof page for me to review.

And around the holidays he sent this out. This screen shot is actually part of a slide show and I waited for my painting to view to snap the photo.

This experience was just SO exciting for me! Today my copies of the book arrived and I can't wait to share it with my students tomorrow!! 

Thank you E. J. Gibbons for this opportunity! 
And thank you Peter Depp for your help getting the photo converted.

And NOW for a very limited, early bird SPECIAL offer click here  to purchase YOUR copy!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Sheryl!!!! Oh my goodness, it is a gorgeous painting!!!

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you this summer.