Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Heading to New York City!

I have driven myself crazy trying to figure out which sub plans to leave this week as I attend the NAEA conference in New York City. Here I posted some sub plans I have left in the past when I have been out.

Since we just started learning about abstract art (because of that awesome cubist painting I did for the book If Picasso Went on Vacation) I thought this lesson plan would work for the 2nd-5th grade students. The Unique Drawing Experience, I found it in a sub folder that one of our district art teachers put together. However, after an internet search I believe it may have come from Lesson Planet.

The Noisy Paint Box is a perfect book to go with this lesson. It's a story about the artist Kandinsky and how his abstract art is a result of the colors and sounds surrounding him that inspires his paintings.

For kindergarten and first grade I left this lesson. I originally found this lesson here. Thank you Mrs. Haake at Apex Elementary. And if you check out my post on sub plans you will see I have used it before.

It's about a flamingo and how what they eat affects what color they are. I have students put a border around the the paper to practice with a ruler and to have a place to draw what Sylvie ate to make her the color she is. Then they follow step by step drawing instructions to create Sylvie.

Gotta get ready for my flight up to Long Island to spend the night with my sister and her family before heading into New York City.

Please introduce yourself to me if you see me at the conference! I love being with other art teachers, after all we have the best conferences ever!!

Thanks for reading!!

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