Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Creativity Outside the Art Room

In the busy world of education where I generally hit the floor running and my classes are back to back, I really, REALLY appreciate getting recognition from administration.  And the fact that I am at one school ONLY on Mondays and they remember to give me that recognition really, REALLY makes me feel appreciated. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Small gestures go a really long way with me!

Check out the creativity displayed by admin on the days leading up to winter break.

The only things I didn't find in my mailbox was the hot chocolate and pancakes..... Which I totally understood.

Anyway there are many resources available to get really, REALLY great ideas from. And believe me, I do understand all the demands placed on administration these days........... But just remember, teachers do need to know, that between the parents, students, standards AND testing that there is someone who cares how hard WE are working!

And maybe it's silly but I also loved getting these certificates!!

What does your admin do to make you feel appreciated?

Thanks for reading!!

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