Sunday, September 18, 2016

Creating Architecture With Corners

So what do you do when you get a hold of a WHOLE bunch of corners??
Why WE MAKE ART, of course!

First we painted our corners and the cardboard (our base) that would be glued under it.

Then we let them dry.
 Then they had to be stored until we returned to the art room to continue working on them. (The corner would be glued to the base on the day they finished.)
Then we got to assemble our houses, castles, forts, pyramids, water slides........
With a wonderful variety of things that had been donated to the art room.

Welcome to our neighborhood.
The corners were the by product of getting all new laptops last year. The pyramid style corners came wrapped around our brand new bookcases. (Shhhhh they were supposed to go back-but, I have awesome custodians.)

We painted using tempera paint. We glued using white liquid glue-sometimes way too much! And we decorated with wooden sticks, paper scrapes, leather scrapes, foam pieces, puzzle pieces, leftover die cut leaves (I don't think I'll EVER use them ALL up!). Buttons, bottle caps and anything else I thought would work. I did this with grades first to third and happily have enough to do with my fourth grade starting next week. Some of the larger classes took 2 class sessions to paint. But some of that was because of logistics. Handing out stuff, clean up and so on.....

I tied in architecture and what an architect does. I read some classes this book, if I felt I had the time.
This project was incredibly fun and was very, very cheap to do! It also cleared up some serious storage space in my art room! (You know...for more stuff??)

I love doing art with my students that re-purposes things that might otherwise clog up a landfill. How about you? Do you have a favorite recycle project??

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Great uses for 'trash'. I love that you made such amazing art with these recycled materials!