Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Very Colorful Day

The conversation went something like this:
My daughter: "Let's take Jake (my grandson) to Medieval Times in Orlando."
Me: "Nah, if we are going to Orlando (about 2 hours away) I want to go to The Crayola Experience."

And since my daughter is so very awesome, we not only WENT to The Crayola Experience, but we got in FREE!!  She did her research. How, you ask?? We are teachers!!! And they are promoting FIELD TRIPS!!

We had fun. I'm the art teacher so I know I had more fun than my Math Coach daughter. My grandson had fun. We were exhausted.........

Here's the floor plan:
The three of us walked around the entire 2nd floor where they had all the activities. The first activity we did was to name and wrap our own crayon. I don't think well under pressure, so my color is Sheryl...

Then we lined up to do the Melt and Mold, where I made a ring for my daughter and one for myself. Meanwhile she was helping her son make a shark. Other choices were a car or a seahorse. FUN!

Then we lined up to do Drip Art, this was like doing spin art with melted crayons. WOW!

I was also able to get a print out of me in a coloring page. LOVE IT!

There were a lot of different activities that required sitting and coloring, dripping crayons, cutting out stuff and of course Model Magic. My daughter and I are the type to walk around and observe. We are not necessarily the sit down type. We grabbed some of the activity sheets and the Model Magic, we didn't stay and play. I didn't get a chance to see the movie because I thought it was continuous, it wasn't and my timing was off.

I will say from my perspective a lot of thought went into planning and decorating the place. Upon entry you are given a bag to hold your goodies, tokens to get a crayon to wrap and a package of Model Magic. Extra tokens are available for 50 cents. AND there are drying ovens for the wet projects. The website is great, it lists the activities and has loads of information on it. Crayola has also made the effort to meet state standards with their many activities! What they need to think about is having a separate line for families. It was not fun standing behind a long line of campers. 

They also have a store with some pretty cool merchandise. I got a shirt and a magnet. The lunchbox was from the cafe and came with my lunch..... may have to share the box with my grandson.

Some of my other photo ops.

In exchange for the free tickets I was to forward all field trip info to staff. My AP beat me to it as she had been called by Denise McKinnie, the Group Sales Account Executive. With my other school (I am 1 day a week somewhere else this year) I sent info to the principal and she shared with staff. Unfortunately we cannot afford that kind of field trip- too far and too expensive.  But my AP did suggest they could come to our school!!  .

Deck out a bus and have a Crayola Caravan! My head is on overload thinking of all the cool things you can bring to schools across the country! Hear me, I am willing to brainstorm!! There are currently only 3 Crayola Experiences-Orlando, Fl., Minneapolis, Mn., and the first one in Easton, Pa. 

There are 50 states!! 50 STATES!!

And seriously who doesn't like the smell of crayons??

I am officially back to work tomorrow and excited to start the new school year. Everyone at my, 1 day a week, school has been super nice and very helpful. Should be a good year!

Thanks for reading!
What are your thoughts on having a Crayola Outreach program come to your school?


  1. I am SO with you on this! I will even drive the bus!

  2. I am SO with you on this! I will even drive the bus!

  3. I suggested it to them. They have no interest in doing an outreach program.......