Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Change of Plans is a Good Thing!

So on Monday when I go to another school, I was completely prepared to give my awesome lesson on Craftsmanship. I knew it to be completely awesome because I had done it the week before at my home school to a lot of oooooos and aaahhhhs. I also did a lot of oooooos and aaahhhs right back at them 'cause they actually got it! Did it with 1st-5th.

But when 5th grade came to my portable and one of the students had a bearded dragon with her, I just HAD to change out the lesson. The student bought the privilege to have the teacher's pet with her for the whole morning with class reward dollars. (Teacher did make sure it was okay with me to have a visitor.)

I put the little critter on the cart under the Elmo (document camera) and did a really quick drawing lesson using shapes right onto the white board. I would love to say I did a really great lesson and included every element of art, known to man, that I could think of. But during class we lost time relocating and then returning to the portable due to a tornado watch (a practice drill). A very crazy, hectic morning!!

Anyway...... check these out!

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Being spontaneous was really fun, I know I enjoyed seeing what these new students of mine were capable of.

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