Sunday, December 27, 2015

Art Themed Treasures

I know we get plenty of inspiration and gain wonderful knowledge from all the people who share their great art projects on Facebook and Pinterest. However, many of those people, also, share, about the cool artsy merchandise they bought or received as gifts. Having just celebrated Christmas, I thought now would be a good time to share out just how influenced I've been by reading Facebook.

 First I gotta start with this classroom rug from Today's Classroom. Click here for more info.
Someone on Facebook shared it (thank you!) and I had to get it! It is priced according to size and mine was under $300. AND since I've been really GREAT at doing grants to fund my program, my principal actually got it for my art room with HIS funds. 

I had been looking for something to use as the rubber puzzle pieces(see photo below) had seen better days. AND the little ones loved pulling the pieces apart. So when every other word out of your mouth is, "Please stop pulling at the mat!" You know it is time to move on..........

Another time I saw this lamp. Seriously, who could resist this? Hubby was super excited to be able to buy it for me. Oh and it comes in several different colors. Check it out here.

Pretty sure there are many art teachers out there with these pajamas. When the photos started showing up on Facebook many people headed to Target to get a pair. Not sure about availability at this point, but you can click here for more info. Brand name for pj's are Nick and Nora.
The popularity of these pajamas inspired Phyllis Levine Brown who blogs There's a Dragon in my Art Room to write a post about the phenomenon, check it out here. Recently (no doubt for Christmas) I saw a photo of an art teacher and her 2 daughters wearing them on Facebook! Crazy!!!

Now let's check out t-shirts! The first one was from my husband (I believe he is on the hunt for them now, as he is always notifying me when he sees a new one). The second I spotted on Facebook during a lunch break and ordered it immediately. The third one someone on was wearing on Facebook and I hunted it down.

Got Art came from Tee Spring however I can't find it. Don't know whether or not it was limited. Perhaps contact customer service if you are interested.
I Teach Art  What is your Super Power? came from SunFrog.
Keep Calm and Teach Art: Tee Shirt Palace.

And this party stuff from Hobby Lobby. And there was some Day of the Dead stuff from Target.
Then I decided I should post a photo of the watch my friend got me for my birthday. Which you can find here. Pretty sure some were purchased after I posted that photo!

Hard to believe but, there was a lot of things I did pass on. There were some really cool art socks posted, but, since I live in Florida I very rarely wear any. JoAnn's Fabric had an art teacher Nutcracker I passed on. There are some super dresses (too expensive) and fabric to choose from to make your own clothing-thinking about it.

Truthfully, I believe at this this point you could Google just about anything you were looking for and come up with great stuff. I know I did trying to put in links for this article. (BTW "stuff" in our house is a dirty word, something to do with hoarding....)

I had also planned to mention, the awesome stuff, I couldn't bare to live without, that I found at conferences....... but decided to save that for another time.

Hope all of you are enjoying your winter break!
Please share photos of what artsy merchandise you have bought or received. I've GOT some holiday gifts cards to use!

Thanks for reading!