Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paint Party!

I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about! There is soooo much controversy among art teachers over these paint and wine parties. That I really wanted to check it out for myself. So when my daughter suggested we do this for her birthday, I was on board with the concept. 
 This studio is less then 5 minutes from my house and is individually owned by a lovely and cheerful woman by the name of Michelle. She has done decorative painting for many years and has also written and published books on the subject. Michelle started this business 3 years ago and all the paintings in her shop, that she uses to teach with, is her original artwork.

 The studio was all set up for painting and I took a spot close to the front to be able to take lots of photos.
 Michelle had an easel set up high on a platform for everyone to see. A new canvas sat next to the painting we would all be doing. My daughter set up the evening to include a bunch of her friends. She choose the painting ahead of time and let everyone know through Facebook what was happening.

 Michelle had us start off by using a tracer to draw a circle on our canvas. Then with just water on her paintbrush she showed us the direction we should be going in with our paint. She explained the how and why of which paint brush to use. Then how we should apply and blend the colors to create the rays of the sun.
 All the paint was out and ready for us. We did have the option of changing out the colors, but would need to show up earlier for that to happen. Michelle had assistants to help people and to refill paint.

 I did find it interesting to look at all of them and to notice the subtle differences. Now since this is a 2 hour class, I always wondered how the paint dried enough to add the next layer. Think hairdryers! Can't believe that never occurred to me.......
 The next step was to paint the tree and the ground or horizon line. I am planning to bring my finished work to display in my art room WITH a sign indicating a horizontal line named for where the earth and the sky meet.
Okay, so here is where the art teacher decided to do her own thing. I just couldn't help myself.........


 Here is my daughter, Stephanie with me and our finished paintings.
And here is a group photo!

 The experience was a VERY positive one and one I would certainly do again. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. Not sure I understand what the controversy is all about. Because in my opinion people were together, doing art, having fun and maybe gaining a whole new respect for the arts!

You really never know what direction this experience might take people. It just might awaken the creativity in someone's soul! 

Anyway, thanks for reading! Let me know what you all think and if you have ever done this before!

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