Sunday, June 28, 2015

You Know........

Three weeks of summer vacation is gone already! And they were crazy and very hectic! This is gonna be a short post as I am still processing all that went on last week at the Summer Institute on Contemporary Art at Penn State. 

One of the activities I found interesting, especially if you need to bring writing into the curriculum was the following:

On shelves around the room there were over a dozen prints displayed. We were directed to walk around and find a print to write about. We had a choice as to which direction to take the writing.
Our choices were:
 1-Write as if you were the child explaining your art.
2-Write as if you were interviewing the child.
3-Write an observation as the art is created.

I choose the first one. Titled Court Jester, from Femfolio by Miriam Schapiro. Courtesy of Palmer Museum of Art.
 I wrote the following-it was suggested if writing from the child's explanation to throw in a bunch of "you know....".

You know, I got a new paint set from Santa. You know, my parents always bring me back a doll when they travel. You know, I love my dolls and I made a picture with them. You know, I keep my dolls in a case, right? So I painted the case first. You know, my favorite doll is Raggedy Anne, I love her. You know, that doll is from Japan. You know, I decided to put myself in the middle of the picture. I'm wearing my favorite shirt.You know, that doll above the Japan doll, I named her Sally. On the other side that's Joseph, then Madeline. You know, that last doll on the bottom, I made it during a craft day at the store. You know, I had all these star stickers, so I put them all over my picture. You know, that makes it so colorful! You know, I got this jewelry/gem thingy from my grandma, I thought it would look great right in the middle towards the top of my picture. You know, I'm an ARTIST right?

This doesn't necessarily need to be done with the art from professional artists, you could have students work with each other and write from the different perspectives.

I promise to have more exciting details about my travels real soon!

Thanks for reading! 

R.I.P. Miriam Schapiro........

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