Sunday, June 7, 2015

Britto: My Favorite Contemporary Artist

Two years ago this month, I went on a cruise and fell in love with Romere Britto's art. I absolutely love the bright colors, uncomplicated patterns and the overall happiness I feel when feasting my eyes upon it.  And since I teach elementary age kiddos, this artist would be perfect for teaching sooooo much of what I need to teach them. 

I started with a few images I pulled off the internet, showing students what Britto looks like.
And then showing them this wonderful example of his use of lines, shape, colors and patterns.
Which we had a big discussion about.
I showed a few more images and had students talking about why his art is soooo happy!

   Then I modeled on this practice sheet for them, what my expectations were. The top part was to help inspire their patterns and the bottom part was for them to FILL with the patterns they made.
Download here. They always have the option to make their own motif to create a pattern.

I did this during the last few days of school with my kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.

They had a choice of using markers or colored pencils.

 It's sweet that one student decided to be patriotic about it!
Now for my Higher Order Thinking on this, I encouraged students that were done early to apply what they learned and create their own design. By any chance did you all remember I mentioned this was during the LAST FEW DAYS of school? Not a whole lot of applying going on. HOWEVER, and this is a big one-THEY WERE ALL ENGAGED AND FOCUSED!!  

Okay, maybe they were all talking and fighting over the markers, it doesn't matter now!!!
Happy Summer everyone and Thanks for Reading!!!

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