Sunday, January 11, 2015

Those Who Can't Teach?

I hate to admit it, but, I grew up with the idiom: Those who can, do; those who can't, teach. It never occurred to me that people would actually like my art. I think that's why I chose to teach elementary age children, because I was pretty sure I was better then them. Although, truth be told, I do have some really talented students. And some students, who have a way of taking my lesson to the next level. It blows me away!

When I got involved in community theater a few years ago and mentioned I was an art teacher-I was asked to design a backdrop for the production of Everything in the Garden.

It had been MANY, MANY years since I did any kind of painting. But you know what? I really enjoyed doing it! And getting all those complements gave me back a confidence I didn't realize I had lost. I think growing up in the '60's and '70's emphasis was placed more on the talents of artists that were long dead as opposed to being original and creating one's own style. And as I have gotten older and really started exploring the art field, I realize that people enjoy MANY different types of art.

So, when my daughter said she was looking for a painting for her kitchen, I suggested that I make one for her. As my client, she told me her vision for what she would like and I went with it! AND, I really enjoyed myself!

 So, when my daughter asked again, this time for her bedroom, I did those too! Granted, it took a while to find the time......... But, I'm happy, and so is she, with the results.

Word has a way of getting out, especially with theater folks and I was asked to do a large (about 5 foot square) floor mat for a show. When later asked to do a mural, I volunteered the floor mat so my rose has been in two theater productions.
I also remember hearing when I was younger that when you are creative, it will come out one way or another. So when I'm not painting, I may be sewing or doing ceramics. OR perhaps some creative writing, like this blog! Which brings me to an email I opened this morning.

The Art of Education is now accepting nominations for 2014 Art Ed Blog of the Year. What's new this year is the category: Best Rising Star Art Ed Blog. Sure would like to be nominated, hint, hint! Here's the link to the email Art of Ed article.

Thank you so much for reading this! Tell me about the art you make outside of your classroom!