Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monoprints with Gelli Plates

I'm excited to share a fun project/product with all of you. The first time I shared this was back in 2014. Click HERE to read about how I tried Gelli Plates for the first time and JUST HAD to buy some for my students to use. I also wrote about how it was a very entry level lesson and how I would need to step it up the next time I used these.

So with that in mind I signed up for a workshop last October at my state conference and I really learned quite a bit and I had a blast!!
 I used poster board to cut out two swirls and I just had fun inking the Gelli Plate and printing the design over and over using different color paint and paper.

I also used some bubble wrap to blot off some of the paint before printing.

And I just kept layering on the colors until I liked what I saw.

When I did it the first time with my students, in retrospect it was extremely simple. I am looking forward to trying a bunch of the different techniques that I learned at the workshop with them in the next week or so.

So basically, if you don't like how it looks, print over it!
Cut different shapes or use yarn or ribbon to block out colors.

 Create texture by blotting up paint with bubble wrap, stamps, leaves or anything that won't puncture your Gelli Plate.

This book has incredible directions and some really wonderful techniques to try and can be purchased through Amazon by clicking HERE.

You can also go to and search Gelli Plate printing for some really good "how to" videos to share with your students.

AND SOME REALLY EXCITING NEWS you can save 10% on Gelli Arts Products by clicking on my new badge, and using the code SherylD, that I added to the right side of my blog!

Oh and those poster board swirls that I kept using and printing with, can be made into some pretty amazing art all on it's own!

 Thanks for reading!!

Let me know if you have tried Gelli Plates and what techniques you enjoyed using?

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