Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scapes: Land, Sea, City....

Okay, gotta teach about scapes. Actually had a lot of fun with this lesson. I used Rauol Dufy's Mediterranean: Scene for inspiration. AND I really didn't have any samples of my own to share. Which meant my students needed to pull from their own imagination. Which was a good thing!

In my lesson presentation I told them about the different scapes and parts of scapes. That it is outside views of land, cities, sea, etc. And that a scape has a foreground, middle ground, and background.  We reviewed what the horizon line is. Which is a horizontal line where the sky meets the earth. Showed them a few other art posters and had them tell me what kind of scapes and where the back, middle and foreground was. Did a really quick sketch and sent them to their seats to get started.


One group insisted  they wanted to paint, so I pulled out what they would need and instructed them to set it up for themselves. They could also use colored pencils and markers.

I love the landscape with the dinosaur! This lesson was done with 2nd and 3rd graders. I tried it with one first grade group and it just didn't work. But that was alright, they got to hear and possibly learn some vocabulary. 

I totally enjoyed the stories my students told about their scapes and was happy they could name the different parts.

Last night I went to the Opening of 2 exhibits that my 4th grades will be seeing on their field trip to The Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art next week. I thought it important to preview it. Good thing I did, because there were a few abstract lady parts hanging out....... they will now get the speech about being a mature audience....... One of the best reasons for the trip is that there will also be an exhibit of their art. My students did the beautiful flowers read about it here. I shared the space with a buddy of mine from another elementary school in our district.

Now for the really disappointing part..... I will NOT be joining the 4th graders on their trip. I am officially on medical leave for the balance of the school year. I will be having back surgery next month and in the meantime need to do a variety of stuff in preparation. I'm devastated....... I am also missing the NAEA conference next month and a chance to hang with my BFF who would have met me in Chicago.

I do not wish to go into details about the surgery, as my mind blanked after the part about being told to stay home. My husband was with me and he agrees with what needs to be done. My BFF checked out the doctor and informed me that "he is a rock star." So I'm good to go.

I love writing this blog and have no intentions of stopping now. Soooooo when I run out of recent lessons to blog about, I will write about some "oldie but goodie" lessons from the past. AND then about all the lessons that float in my head that I haven't had the chance to do yet!

Hope that works and you all continue to read my posts!! Again thanks for reading!

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