Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scrap Paper Art

Okay, I am a self admitted hoarder when it comes to making art with my students. Staff members at my school are always bringing me stuff for students to use to make art. And I ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO USE IT!! Now, that we all know I save stuff which includes scrap paper from other projects...... Let's find out what my students do with it!

One of my favorite books which is perfect for this lesson is Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. To find it on Amazon, click here.

 For set up- you can either have a central location where you keep your scraps or put the scraps out on the tables where your students work. I also put out crayons, markers, scissors, both stick and liquid glue.

Students entered into the art room where I directed them to sit on the rug, I read them the book.The book shows students how much fun they can have with ripped paper, crumbled paper, bent paper and so on. I like to push the "let's not waste what can turn into awesome art" theory with this book. I don't do a sample, I don't model a thing!  I tell them to go find scrap paper that speaks to them and they will know what to make. 

Still gotta work on using less glue........ Otherwise it was very successful.
What book is one of your favorites to use with your students??

Thanks for reading! And I hope to meet some of you in New York for The NAEA conference!

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